Becoming An Indigenous Healer (Apprentice) With Carrie Chilcott @ Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre, Burlington [20 January]

Becoming An Indigenous Healer (Apprentice) With Carrie Chilcott

10:00 - 17:00

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Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre
720 Guelph Line Suite 302B, Burlington, Ontario
Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre is proud to announce its first certificate program Becoming An Indigenous Healer (Apprentice) ever offered. This 1.5 year program is offered by a true, authentic, and bloodline Elder and Medicine Woman, Carrie Chilcott (Miingun Bii-miibaat-ewin-Kwe.)

The Program has been custom designed to share with you the native teachings of the Ojibwe natives, and the teachings will be taught in the Anishnabek way. All (female) students will wear skirts and offer tobacco to the Elder as this follows the traditions of the teachings being offered.

The Introductory course gives you a great connection with the native teachings for your own benefit.

The Intermediate course allows you to become a practitioner of the native teachings so that you can share it with others.

The Advanced course allows you to become a teacher and an exceptional practitioner of the Anishnabek native teachings and ceremonies. All are encouraged to complete the full program to get the full teachings/ceremonies of the Traditional Native Healer through the eyes of the Ojibwe way.

The program will begin in January of 2018, and will be set to run as follows:

Introductory Course: $1,111 (plus tax) — 1 full day per month for 6 months

(You can pay as you go, but must commit to the full 6 months. $209.24 (tax included ) is due on the 1st day of every month )

Intermediate Course: $1,500 (plus tax) — 1 full day per month for 4 months and 1 weekend in the 5th month

(You can pay as you go, but must commit to the full 6 months. $300 (plus tax) is due on the 1st of every month)

Advanced Course: Cost to be announced

You must commit to doing the Full Moon Ceremonies in the summer. July 27th and August 25th 2018 respectively.


January 20th, 2018 — June 21st, 2018 Cost: $1,111.00 ($185 per month + tax)

Introductory: Saturday January 20th Level 1

• Introduction on becoming a traditional native healer

• The rite of passage

• The creator and his name in Ojibwe

• The circle of continuum

• The trials and sacrifice

• Working with the breath

• First grandmother teaching and moon water for Kwe’s

• The practice

Introductory: Saturday February 17th Level 2

• First introduction to the training of a traditional healer

• Philosophy the practise understanding the importance

• Natures calling where are your sacred space in nature

• Connecting to our great mother and the creation story

• Understanding that everything living has a spirit

•The second grandmother teaching

• The practice

Introductory: Saturday March 24th Level 3

• Learn the sacred laws spiritual violations

•Learn about the elements of the four directions

• The third grandmother teaching

• The practice

Introductory: Saturday April 21st Level 4

• The fourth Grandmother teaching

• Learn your main animal totem.

• Power animals and what they mean to you.

•Your inner totems

Introductory: Saturday May 26th Level 5

• How to create the grandfather medicine wheel grid

• Your healing journey

• The fifth grandmother teaching

• The practice

Introductory: Saturday June 23rd Level 6

• The drum and rattles in your healing journey

• The importance of song for ceremony


•The 6th grandmother teaching

• Practice

• Certificate of Completion


(After the Summer Holidays, the Intermediate Course Begins)


September 22nd -January 20th, 2019

Intermediate Course: $1,500 (plus tax) — 1 full day per month for 4 months and 1 weekend in the 5th month (You can pay as you go, but must commit to the full 6 months. $300 (plus tax) is due on the 1st of every month)

Mandatory prerequisite: Introductory Indigenous Healer Course

Intermediate: Saturday September 22nd Level 7

• Finding and cleaning your feathers

• Preparing your feathers for healing

• Using your feathers and the breath in a healing

• The 7th grandmother teaching

• The practice

Intermediate: Saturday October 20th Level 8

• Getting to know your spirit body

• Understanding the spirit world

• The death and rebirth

• The 8th grandmother teaching

• Practice

Intermediate: Saturday November 17th Level 9

• Picking your grandfather medicine stones

• Grounding with your stones

• Learning to work with the grandfather medicine stones

• The 9th grandmother teaching

• Practise

Intermediate: Saturday December 22nd Level 10

• Father Sky

• Brother wind

• The 10 grandmother teaching

• Practice

Winter Break and Holidays

Intermediate: Saturday January 12th and Sunday January 13th 2019 Levels 11 and 12 will be completed together.

• The Rainbow Crow and the Rainbow Warriors Prophecy

• Rainbow gridding

• Exploring the underworld

• The Elemental Kingdom

• The 11th Grandmother teaching

• Month 12 and 13

• The 12 and 13 Grandmother Teaching

• The turtle calendar 13 months

• Working in today’s society

• Types of illness

• How to bring it all together

• Apprentice and practice

• Naming ceremony

• Practitioner Certificate of Completion



Advanced course: Cost to be announced — 1 full day per month for 5 months and 1 weekend in the 6th month (Monthly payment plans will be available)

Mandatory prerequisite: Introductory and Intermediate Indigenous Healer Courses

Advanced Class: Saturday January 19th, 2019 — Level 13

• Learning our first sacred herb

• Learning sacredness of ceremony and prayer

• Going Within

Advanced Class: Saturday February 16th, 2019 — Level 14

• Learning our second sacred herb

• Working the four directions and their importance

• The Animals of the four directions

Advanced Class: Saturday March 23rd, 2019 — Level 15

• Learn our third sacred herb and how to smudge with it

• Learn about the plant people

• The ceremony on how to pick the plants.

• First Introduction on plant medicine and how to use them

Advanced Class: Saturday April 20th, 2019 — Level 16

• Our fourth sacred herb

• The Solstice and Equinox’s importance of following the seasons

• The second chapter of medicine plants and there uses

• Natures calling talking to the standing tall ones

• The Sweat lodge and its importance

Advanced Class: Saturday May 25th, 2019 — Level 17

• More medicine plants and their uses

• The sacred pipe ceremony

• Learning the meaning of the songs

Advanced Class: June 22nd and June 23rd, 2019 — Level 18

• More plants to work with

• Symbols and signs

• Learn how to connect to your spirit guides

• How balance your polarities

• The Star People

• Connecting to the Cosmos

• The Ojibwa Constellation Star Map
Catherine Duchene-Winn
Not sure who you are but this is not acceptable in our Culture. Your page has since been removed on Facebook and I have personally called the 905-632-1175. this is NOT what we as Original people do, we do NOT sell our teachings nor do we or should we profit from them. I will be seeking legal clarity on this matter. 
Luba Williams
I think this deserves a protest at the location where it will be
I Totally agree with you! This woman must be out of her damn mind !
Brenda Powder
I agree! This is outrageous! 
Lianna Elizabeta Costantino
Agreed!   Shameful!!
You gals take care of it. I’m too far away to stage a protest outside that address. Get a parade permit btw
Tiger Tchiget
This is NOT Anishinabe way. Nor any indigenous culture in the Americas. We do not sell our ceremonies or teachings. The things you are offering here are New-Age hocus pocus, very little of it correct. But also the fact you are calling it Ojibwe/Anishinabe is also disturbing. My late father was a Mohawk/ Ojibway elder& my brothers traditional speakers and teachers. If they were alive, they would discredit your school for this. I will be calling people to put a stop to tbis. 
Jody Gzhadawsot Mattena
Totally agree this is so wrong and needs to stop. I will be calling as well. 
Lianna Elizabeta Costantino
Me too.  
Rox Roberts
 She sure didn't get very good teachings if she thought this was okay! I really question her teachings now. No wonder people are confused about Native Amweican Spiriruality if they thibk they can buy it! This sure isn't how I got my training with my elder, and he carries the is Anishinabe Ojibwa teachings from Irv Romans. He would have a fit if he saw what you were charging!!!! He picks the people to be his apprentice by who he saw them being, not by who they wanted to be. This is backwards from the original teachings.
Nancy Stevens
This is so incredibly inappropriate, exploitative and offensive.
Victoria Guzman
Luring Non natives and natives who are disconnected from their culture with this cookie cutter scam is dangerous and bad medicine. If you are who u say you are you would listen and show some humility and respect the wishes of the community and its people you claim to represent. 
Brenda Powder
Exactly! I wonder what the ancestors will do to her to teach her a lesson*
Gazhagyans Kwe
Stop appropriating sacred Native teachings NOW!!
How dare you sell the culture and teachings of the Anishnaabe for your own profit and greed!
Luba Williams
This deserves a protest with true religious leaders and ceremony to wash away this greed. where and when ? is this on line or at a location? 
Sheila Sumner
this is not right! 
Hay  LADY,  our RELIGION  is NOT FOR SALE!  THIS IS A SCAM. THIS NEEDS TO BE taken down.  Do not give this person money! These things she is teaching are FAKE. Come on this is a damn crooked JOKE.  (Your totem, what the Fk!) SHE must be using those FAKE terrot cards! This is exploiting,  totally and wrong. I pray she gets taken down extremely fast.
Edward Fregonese
After consulting with varoius Native elders we have cancelled this course and removed it from Facebook. We will not be pursuing any indigenous teachings or ceromony. We were ill advised and were not made aware of the sacredness and of the protocol for these teachings by someone in the Native community. With heavy hearts we apologize for this oversight and only wished to promote and bring awareness to indigenous teachings to our own community of non indigenous people. We did not mean to insult or to bring any harm to your culture. 
chi-miigwech for this lesson and for your teachings.
Jody Gzhadawsot Mattena
Thank your for doing the right thing. May I suggest you write a public apology as well speak with First Nations elders on how to make amends. 
We need all people to know we are still here but stealing our culture and religion is not the way to support us. Stand with us not in front of us. 
Lianna Elizabeta Costantino
100% Anishinaabe
What I'm curious to find out, is WHO this so-called person from the Native community, that told you it was alright to go through with this. They are also to blame and I'd like to see that person outted as well. That person  is obviously NOT Ojibway or very ill informed.
Mindy Maracle
any cultural learning establishments should be free. the article states you can learn to be a native for only 1100. if anyone is interested in truly learning, be proactive in the native community be involved and reach out to local agencies the Native community offers cultural teachings workshops and programs for free.
Catherine Duchene-Winn
Thanks Edward and Lisbeth for stepping up immediately as owners. You have gone above and beyond to stop this and I appreciate it. 
Simone SilverLining
WTF! hypocrite Edward Fregonese when you say this bullshit: 'only wished to promote and bring awareness to indigenous teachings to our own community of non indigenous people' yeah that is right you BIG SELL-OUT GUBBA.
 Make money and get rich. You are nothing more than a cultural imperialist. 'We did not mean to insult or to bring any harm to your culture'. Yeah right, you demonstrated the worst, and I mean the worst kind of ignorance commodifying culture for sale. Still misappropriating by even using this word — 'chi-miigwech'- You have learnt nothing!  
Lianna Elizabeta Costantino


Dar Dirksen
Edward Fregonese, just stick to teaching Tai Chi to Holistically Challenged posh folks at your Ski Weekend/Holistic Wellness seminars. I'm sure you get quite a bit of income from those, without appropriating yet another culture for financial gain.
Tiger Tchiget
Mr Fregonese-If you really want to share the teachings of the local indigenous peoples, may I suggest contacting REAL elders, not someone calling themselves 'bloodline medicine' teachers-there are some in the area, like Jan Longboat, from Six Nations Reservation, nearby. contact band offices, and ask. i would suggest having elders and real teachers come and give talks, and seminars about indigenous history, teachings, language, and culture. I and my gf can help you. Email us, and we can help you. We would ask that elders contacted be given honorariums for travel and expenses to stay in the region, but not paying them to 'teach how to be a medicine man/woman'. My partner worked at a lodge in the federal government, where they commissioned elders to come and give noon hour teachings and talks, about culture, the legacy of our history, etc. Trying to teach people ho to be a medicine man, or person of knowledge is not something that can be taught to strangers. It is a life long commitment, a lifestyle thing.
Jan Achilles
What tribe claims Carrie Chilcott? She writes... «The Program has been custom designed to share with you the native teachings of the Ojibwe natives, and the teachings will be taught in the Anishnabek way.» I cannot imagine any Ojibwe/Chippewa person wanting to teach a bunch of non-native's any of what she has outlined. I only say non-natives because us true natives don't need to attend any kind of class for our teachings. Please stop this!!! This is so wrong on so many levels. How dare you appropriate your version of native teachings! 
Grace Waawaate-Ikwe Roberts
Gidaa debwe! Chimookomanikewin GIWAABAMIGOOM! Aaniin ezhiwebak? Aaniin izhinikaazoyan? Aaniindi wenjibaayan? Awenen gidoodem? 
Tim Johns
Ah, sorry! This is not how our teachings work! First of all you can't put a price on our sacred ways. Second, you can't learn it in a 6 month course 1 day a week. 3rd, the right to be a healer is giving by the spirits, not by a human. I worry about people. If you don't have the blessings of the true healing spirits, you open yourself up to the negative spirits, whom will destroy your lives.
Wow hey this is not ok. This knowledge we don't charge for. Most of this stuff is essential knowledge of mino bmaadiziwin to help us survive. You cant put a price on that. Our elders and ancestors didn't charge for this. I was taught and earned most of this from my elders and learned experience in ceremony. Plus some stuff like star knowledge is for specific people only to know. Midewiwin. Esepecially bad to charge for that. You should be ashamed lady
Mindy Maracle
if you or anyone who is really interested in learning about the Indigenous/ Native American/ Aboriginal culture there are several sources wherethey can learn aboutfree from events, socials, and or workshops through native Regional Indian friendship centres cultural learning centres native women's centres. please connect with your local agency to learn more.
Catherine Duchene-Winn
Sekoh Kwe family and friends; This event has been cancelled. There are some apologies coming forward in regards to this matter as well. I personally have spoken with the owners of  Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre, and they were not completely aware of this nor the protocal involved. They are upstanding people for stepping up and putting an end to this immediately after they found out it goes against our beliefs and culture. I ask all those concerned to realize that the  Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre are an innocent 3rd party here and do not deserve any of the backlash. Carrie has been spoken to and will be issuing a statement as well. Skennen'kowa Miigwetch
Catherine Duchene-Winn
Also, at this time, we are not aware who owns this site but we are asking that you remove this event immediately. thanks
Jan Achilles
This same woman is calling herself a «Medicine woman» Who exactly is she and what tribe claims her?
Edward Fregonese
Caroline Whitehead
Is this the same Fregonese who was running a «wellness fair» Nov 25th in Burlington, charging practitioners for their tables, then expecting them to work for free all day? I could spot the scam a mile away. *smdh*
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